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Two-Factor Authentication, One Time Passcode

Frequently Asked Questions


What is two-factor authentication, one-time passcode?

Two-factor authentication and one-time passcodes are a new layer of security we’re adding to our mobile and online banking platforms. This security feature will send you a six-digit voice or SMS/text message to your phone number upon logging into your online banking profile. You will be asked to enter this code to complete the login process on your computer.

How is it set up?

When logging into your online banking profile, you will be prompted to enter your phone number and you will be asked if you would like to receive an SMS/text message or voice call with the six-digit code.

Upon receiving your passcode, enter the one-time code on the login screen to finish logging into your online banking profile.

Will I have to enter a passcode every time I log into my online banking profile?

No. You will only be prompted to enter a passcode if you attempt to login to your profile from a location or browser you do not usually use, a new device, or if you have failed login attempts.

Will the one-time passcodes replace my password?

No. You will still have to enter your password upon logging into your account. After you enter your password, you will receive a six-digit code via voice or text message to complete the login process. 

Will I still have challenge questions?

No. The two-factor authentication and one-time passcode will replace the challenge questions.

Does the mobile banking app also require two-factor authentication, one-time passcode?


Do I need to remember my one-time passcode?

No. Each time you are prompted to enter a passcode, you will receive a new SMS/Text or voice* call with a new six-digit code.

*Please note: If you choose to have your one-time passcode delivered to you via voice, rather than an SMS/text, the call that the caller ID displaying the origin of the call at the time of the request will be displayed as 669-241-2767 from Sunnyvale, California.

What are the benefits of two-factor authentication, one-time passcode?

An additional layer of security helps to prevent attempts from hacks and fraud.

Can I add two-factor authentication, one time passcode to every login attempt on my account?

Yes. If you would like to add two-factor authentication, one-time passcode to every login attempt from your account, please call the office during our regular business hours and ask to speak to a Savings counselor at 773-685-5300.

Will I be able to access my banking accounts while I am traveling abroad?

Access outside of the US is not guaranteed. 

Will two-factor authentication work if I have a foreign phone number?

No. You need a 10-digit US phone number for this security feature.

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