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eStatements Frequently Asked Questions


What are eStatements and how do I enroll to receive them?

eStatements are electronic bank statements with added security benefits. Enrolling in eStatements is made easy by following a few simple steps, linked here.

What are eStatements?

eStatements are electronic bank statements, which customers can view by signing onto their online banking profile.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

Log into your online banking profile and follow these step-by-step instructions to sign up for eStatements. If you do not have an online banking profile, meet with a member of our New Accounts team.

How do I view my eStatements?

Customers can view their eStatements by logging into their online banking profile, clicking the profile tab, then navigating to the Electronic Statements heading. Linked is tutorial to view eStatements online.

What if I don’t have an online banking profile? Can I still sign up for eStatements?

Customers without online banking may still sign up for eStatements. These customers will receive their eStatements by a unique link in an email. Contact a member of our Savings team if you are looking to enroll in eStatements.

Can I view eStatements on the mobile app?

Customers cannot view eStatements on the mobile app, but can view 60 days of transactional history on the app.

How many months of statements will I be able to view?

Customers enrolled in eStatements can view 18 months of previous statements.

What are the benefits of eStatements?

eStatements come with a number of benefits.

  • Access to 18 months of statements. No more need to search for papers. When you enroll in eStatements, you can view 18-months of previous statements on your profile.
  • Improved account security. Mail and trash theft continue to be problems in the city of Chicago. By enrolling in eStatements, you will reduce the risk your account will be breached.
  • Less paper consumption. Enrolling in eStatements reduces the amount of paper you consume by viewing your bank statements electronically online.


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