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Social Media Policy

Guidelines for interacting with Community on social media.


The bank encourages its customers to share their experiences on social media. The bank will monitor and moderate all social media content posted about the bank to keep our conversations positive and focused. We have set the following policies for interacting on social media.

Account Assistance: If you have an issue with one of your accounts, please reach the bank at 773-685-5300 or write to us here. In order to protect your privacy, please do not post content with personal information, such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers, account numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, or home addresses. Content posted with this information will be removed. Also note, the bank will never ask customers for this information on social media.

Children: The bank follows the rules established by the FTC and will not interact with children ages 13 and under on social media. We ask that children 13 and under do not access and post to the bank’s social media pages. By posting to our social media pages, you are affirming you are over the age of 13.

Tone: The bank encourages our customers to share their experiences on social media, but aim to keep conversations online direct and positive. Content with offensive language, personal attacks, or disrespectful language will be removed at our discretion. We will also block users from interacting with the bank on social media if they violate our community guidelines.

Private Information: The bank follows privacy policies with respect to information collected about social media followers via third-party social media hosts. Note that third-party social media hosts have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Spam: The bank will remove content that is posted to its social media pages with the purpose of attracting website traffic for personal or financial gain.

Spoofed Account: If an account falsely impersonates the bank’s brand, the bank will report the account to the third-party social media platform. Note that the bank uses social media as a means to educate customers on financial tips and community events. The bank does not use social media to gain personal information from customers.

Endorsements: Unofficial statements made by the bank’s employees on social media are not endorsed by the bank. Comments and posts made by employees are the viewpoints of the employee and not the bank. The bank does not assume responsibility and does not endorse content or advertisements posted by third-party hosts on social media channels.

Community does not endorse or share the viewpoints of the accounts that it follows and likes on social media. The bank will decide to follow, or not follow, any user on social media from our social media accounts without giving prior notice or consent.

Employees: The bank has an employee social media policy that they must sign and follow. We ask that our employees do not post content about the bank’s lending services or products, unless it has been reviewed and approved by the communications manager and compliance officer. If an employee makes a post about a customer or reveals information about a customer, disciplinary measures will be taken and the post will be removed from the bank’s social media channels and possible termination of employment.


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