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President's Letter

July 2023


Dear Friends,

Dane H Cleven
Dane H. Cleven
President &

The first edition of Community’s Community Comments was published in January 1952. Community Comments has taken on a number of forms over the years and a new format is being introduced with this edition. This new format is intended to be more direct and concise. It directs readers to with the use of QR codes, and to the bank’s several social media sites listed on the back page. We hope this edition keeps you up to date with Community’s products and services, or that it introduces you to Community if you don’t already bank here.

Community continues to offer the convenience of banking at a local neighborhood financial institution for those who wish to bank in person. At Community there is someone you can consult, in person, to answer your questions without having to navigate time consuming phone trees. Yet, the bank offers many additional and convenient ways to bank electronically, via online banking, mobile banking and surcharge-free ATM networks. Online and mobile banking offer many security features to help customers bank safely. In addition, paperless statements help avoid paper clutter and prevent identity theft.

Community’s goals remain the same as they were when the bank was founded nearly 80 years ago. The bank is here to help area residents own homes and save for the future. Community is mutually owned, independent, and locally managed. All lending decisions are made at the bank. In addition, Community is a portfolio lender, owning and servicing all of the loans it has made and originated at its office at Cicero and Belmont.

Savings products and banking services are designed with the customer in mind to help individuals and families meet their savings goals and needs, and to help them perform banking transactions affordably. In addition, Community continues to follow the golden rule set forth by the bank’s founder in the 1940s, which states that, “The safety and protection of our members’ funds is always our most important consideration.” Community is very well capitalized and has many sources for liquidity in order to protect our customers’ savings. In addition, as further protection, all deposits are insured by the FDIC, an agency of the US Government, according to its rules and regulations.

If you bank here, we appreciate your business. And if you don’t bank here, consider giving Community a try. We would look forward to serving as Your Personal Neighborhood Bank. Stop in, give us a call, visit our web site or visit us on Social Media.


Dane H. Cleven, Community Savings Bank, Chicago




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