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Consumer Information



New Statement Format

Checking, Savings and Money Market account statements are now in a new format.  We will no longer be able to send out statement stuffers or cover letters with the new statements.  We think the new statements will present a cleaner presentation.  Messages will be included on the statements instead of being sent with the statements, which will help cut down on unnecessary paper. 


Community Savings Bank's Third-Party Check Policy Change

Beginning on Monday, November 1, 2021, Community Savings Bank will be changing their current practice regarding third-party endorsed checks and the Bank will no longer accept third-party endorsed checks without the initial payee of the check physically present at the time of the third-party check is negotiated by our customer. The initial payee and our customer must provide an unexpired Government Issued Identification that is acceptable under the Bank’s Customer Identification Procedures. Extended hold practices will continue to apply to the transaction.


State of Illinois- Community Reinvestment Notice

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (Department) evaluates our performance in meeting the financial services needs of this community, including the needs of low-income to moderate-income households. The Department takes this evaluation into account when deciding on certain applications submitted by us for approval by the Department. Your involvement is encouraged. You may obtain a copy of our evaluation once the Department completes our first evaluation. We will update this notice when our first evaluation has been issued. You may also submit signed, written comments about our performance in meeting community financial services needs to the Department.

Evaluations available under the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) (12 U.S.C. 2901 et seq.) are not affected by the Illinois Community Reinvestment Act.

Information - Data and Security Breaches

On occasion retailers and other businesses that accept credit cards or debit cards as forms of payment may have their data security systems breached. These breaches can compromise the personal information of the card holders.

We would like to remind our customers that it is important to check your credit reports on a periodic basis. According to federal regulations, individuals are permitted to receive a free copy of their credit report every twelve months from one of the three major credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax). Please see below under the "Identify Theft" section for the contact numbers for each of the credit agencies.

Additionally, we would also like to remind you of your obligation to view your account statements for unusual activity and to report any unauthorized activity to Community Savings Bank immediately upon identification. You can notify Community by contacting our Accounting department at (773) 685-5300 or in writing to Community Savings Bank, Attn: Accounting department, 4801 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60641.

Illinois Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act

In Illinois, as in most states, by law abandoned property is turned over to the state after it has been untouched for a period of time. Property that is subject to unclaimed property laws includes deposits in bank accounts, contents of safe deposit boxes, uncashed bank checks, and other types of financial property. Effective January 1, 2018 Illinois changed the time periods that determine when inactive accounts will be considered to be abandoned. * A few examples are shown below, along with the periods of inactivity which qualify property to be considered abandoned under the new law.

  • Deposit Accounts: 3 years (this includes time certificates after the initial maturity)
  • Safety Deposit Boxes: 5 years of inactivity
  • Uncashed Bank Checks: 3 years after issuance

What can you do? Here are a few tips.

  1. Keep track of your accounts. Know what you own, and know where your assets are.
  2. Keep your accounts active. Contact your bank or other holder of financial assets concerning inactivity, respond as soon as possible. Don't ignore abandoned property notices.

You have worked hard for your money. Keep it safe, and keep accounts active. If you have any questions about your accounts, contact your financial institution or other holder of your financial assets.

For more information on unclaimed property please visit the Illinois State Treasurer Unclaimed Property website.  Learn more

*Illinois Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act

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